The Story behind Thank yoga

In the beginning, I simply wanted to create a space where I could teach and speak my truth.  Soon after opening the doors, It didn’t take long for Thank Yoga Studio to became a second home for many, and the facilitator of an amazing community.

Without much of a plan or a road map, I chose to leave my full time job, and dive into the unknown head first.  I learned as I went about owning a studio, and owning the happiness of my own life.  I made mistakes, I fell down, I got back up, I learned along the way.

Eventually, I knew it was time for me to challenge myself in new ways, which ultimately meant to step away as studio owner.  Although it was hard to essentially let go of something I put my blood sweat and tears into for many years, my gut told me it was time.

Currently, you can find me traveling and leading retreats, workshops, trainings, open classes, and diving into new and unknown territory.  

”Thank Yoga” is far more than the beautiful space that is nestled in the heart of Columbus, OH.  It has become a mindset, a way of life.  No excuses or expectations allowed, It is about going after what you want.
— Josie Schweitzer


Teaching Credentials:

  • 200RYT Amazing Yoga

  • 500RYT Yoga Works

  • Alumni Lululemon Ambassador

  • Voted "Best yoga instructor" in Columbus, OH

  • Featured on the cover of Columbus Monthly

  • Creator of Thank Yoga Studio