Josie Schweitzer is a yoga instructor who teaches as a way to give voice to the truth of our experience and existence. 

A longtime runner, Josie found the stretching and sweating of yoga instantly familiar, but it was the way it deeply resonated with her whole mind and body that kept her coming back to the mat. The holds and postures shifted her thinking and unlocked stagnant emotions, reminding Josie what it really meant to feel alive.

Feeling lighter and emboldened as she shed her own unnecessary baggage, Josie knew she was meant to share the magic of the practice with others. 

Josie teaches a blend of vinyasa, pranayama, kundalini, and meditation classes.  Each sequence is artfully crafted with intention and intelligence, providing a cohesive structure for an eye-opening, transformative journey. Present moment awareness is at the heart, a truth that permeates every movement, stillness and breath. Yoga with Josie transcends the concept of a workout. Fusing the physical with the mental and emotional, she empowers her students through yoga to push past self-doubt, pride and fear, and trust the abundance of strength that lies within. 

Committed to leaving a legacy that inspires others, Josie leads classes, workshops and trainings nationwide, and is the owner of Thank Yoga in Columbus, OH.



  • 200RYT Amazing Yoga

  • 500RYT Yoga Works

  • Alumni Lululemon Ambassador

  • Voted "Best yoga instructor" in Columbus, OH

  • Featured on the cover of Columbus Monthly

  • Creator of Thank Yoga Studio