Josie creates a learning environment that is full of kindness, patience and personal attention. She encourages each student to always ask “Why?”. She teaches that there is no right way or wrong way, but rather, what way is serving the highest purpose in the current moment. You can see and feel Josie’s passion for yoga, people and life.
— Gail
As my teacher, Josie has taught me how to practice Yoga from the inside out. Yes, it may start as a love for the physical practice but she will surely show you how this practice can transform your life emotionally and mentally. Josie knows the ins and outs of the physical and mental practice of Yoga...this is what drew me to her 200 hour Teacher Training. Not only did I leave training feeling prepared to teach the physical practice, but I felt prepared to approach life a little differently... with a healthier perspective and a better understanding of myself.
— Alison
Teacher training was always something at the back of my mind. I told myself that it would be a worthwhile experience to do it with any teacher. But my heart and gut wanted to learn from Josie. Her simultaneously fire-like energy and ocean-like peace is entrancing. Whether teaching a class or a training, Josie has command of the room, but also allows space for her students to learn from themselves. She’s dynamic. She’s passionate. Thank goodness for Josie, Thank Yoga, and all that both of those stand for.
— Salle
Josie commands a room in a way that you instantly trust her. You know right off the bat that you’re in good hands. But, she’s not one to coddle her students. She won’t hold your hand along the way. She pushes you. She lets it get scary. She keeps it real. And not only physically, but mentally. Since day one she’s challenged me to think for myself… to turn inward for answers. And when I do, I feel empowered. I learn something new about myself every time. I think that’s why I keep coming back.
Josie keeps it real. Not only physically, but mentally. Since day one, she’s challenged me to think for myself and to turn inward for answers. And when I do, I feel empowered. I learn something new about myself every time.
I recognized immediately that Josie possessed a conviction to tell the truth, and could provide the guidance I needed. She exudes confidence, knowledge, talent, and an abundance of strength. When I seek an educator, they must be filled with passion. When it comes to yoga, Josie is one of the most dedicated people I have come across. Yoga isn’t simply a hobby or a workout to her—she sees yoga inseparable from life, and it shows.
I’m not sure it’s even possible to put into words what I got out of this yoga teacher training. All I know is that the lessons learned are indelibly imprinted on my soul and I am forever changed because of it. If that sounds dramatic, it’s meant to.
I felt drawn to teacher training because of my love for the physical practice and a desire to perhaps share that love with others. I came away knowing both myself and yoga on a whole new level.

Self-doubt and fear are things I struggle with, and this training provided me with the skills to at least begin to push past those imaginary limits, trusting my abilities and myself. Once you break down those self-imposed barriers, the possibilities are endless! I’m also finding that, off the mat, I’m more mindful and present and aware. Aware of how I respond to and notice the world and people around me, and the thoughts in my head.

Josie’s abilities as a teacher are stellar, but more importantly she introduced us to our true teacher — ourselves. Here’s to a lifetime of continually learning and improving as teacher and student, person and yogi.